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Q: What is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Retail?
A: EDDM is a new program developed by the US Postal Service for local retailers and other location-based businesses that want to market by mail to households and businesses in a specific neighborhood. EDDM is the most cost effective way to market your product and reach to millions of users. Technically Speaking, EDDM is Standard (bulk) Class mail. The difference is that EDDM mailpieces do not require a name OR address because every delivery point on a specified mail carrier’s route receives a mailpiece and it mails at very low postage rates.EDDM is designed for small volume mailers who mail less than 5,000 EDDM mailpieces a day and has special rules.Mailers must be willing and able to drop the mail off at the local Post Office retail unit responsible for the delivery of the mail or have Franchise Printing & Design ship it to the proper Post Office
Q: Is there a minimum or maximum volume for each EDDM Retail mailing?
A: There’s both a minimum and a daily maximum. You must mail at least 200 pieces and to at least one carrier route each time you mail, so the minimum number of pieces required is the number of active deliveries on a single carrier route, but not less than 200. The maximum number of pieces is 5,000 per Post Office, per day. There’s also a limit of five 5-Digit ZIP Codes per EDDM Retail mailing.
Q: Does EDDM Retail require any USPS permits?
A: No USPS postage permits or annual fees are required with EDDM Retail, but program registration with USPS is required (FREE).
Q: Do I need a mailing list?
A: EDDM Retail uses a “simplified” address of Postal Customer instead of street numbers or boxes so no mailing list is required. You just need a list of mail routes and active delivery counts, which can be obtained free of charge from the USPS EDDM website. Your target area can be a city, neighborhood or a specified distance from your business. To identify which USPS mail routes match your target area visit this USPS site for information about delivery routes and number of deliveries per carrier route.
Q: What is the postage rate for EDDM Retail?
A: Postage is one simple rate of 14.5 cents per qualifying EDDM Retail mailpiece.
Q: How is postage paid on EDDM Retail mailings?
A: Payment must be made directly to the local retail Post Office at the time of deposit using a check or money order made out to “Postmaster” or “Postal Service” in the amount of the postage for your EDDM Retail.
Q: Who can I mail EDDM to?
A: With Every Door Direct Mail you can mail to all homes and businesses in a mailing route. Each zip code is comprised of many different routes. Each of these routes contain approximately 300-600 homes and businesses.
Q: Can I print the EDDM cards on my home printer?
A: We don't recommend that you try to print EDDM on your home printer because the paper stock required is too thick. Additionally the cost of toner is very expensive, and the quality will not be the same as if it was printed by a commercial printing company. We are offering discounted print rates to help customers take advantage of this new program.
Q: More Questions ??
A: Please call Corey at 512-573-1977

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